IHD Not working for weeks

IHD showing, waiting for data and gas supply disconnected?

Hey @electric1 Welcome to our community.

Sorry you have issues with your IHD please complete this reboot which should bring it back online.

Let us know if you are having similar issues after a few days.

–Carl :bulb:

Tried the reboot. Nothing doing, still not working.

Hi @electric1,

Sometimes it does not work first go so if you have only tried once I would suggest doing it a couple more times.

Also, turn the display on and off after we try the reboot as sometimes this gets it working.

Let us know how you get on,

– KT :bulb:

Still nothing, it shows “waiting for current data” and “gas supply disconnected”.

Hi @electric1

Thanks for confirming,

I’ve just reached out to our smart team to see if there is anything else we can try.

E :bulb: