IHD not Working - GAS reading is still extimated

The IHD never worked since the smart meter was installed.

I can see on the BULB portal, the Electric reading is sourced from Smart meter, but all the GAS reading is Estimated.

Can you get it fixed or get in touch to explain.
Your website has no customer service number, poor service.

I will switch if it not resolved soon.

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Bulb rarely appear on this forum.Customer service,or lack of is 0300 303 0635.

My IHD has never connected to the internet, rarely connects to the gas meter and from about the second week I’ve had it… it just restarts every minute or so.

I should probably contact Bulb and get them to fix it…

I am in the same situation. I submit the gas readings manually. Suggest you do the same.

I never hear anything about it from Bulb, I doubt you will. Let us know if you do though.

IHD is useless, only shows electric and continually looses connection. Latest readings show smart for gas and estimated for electric. When are bulb going to sort this out and respond to emails to both help and complaints. Ihavejust won an obudsman complaint and will be raising a new one next week unless something is done.

Follow up: Absolutely no reply. What the hell is the point of being a bulb customer?

My IHD has never worked since supplied in May 2019 when the Smart Meter (electricity only) was fitted. It continually reboots. When not rebooting it displays “Waiting for current data”.
The time displayed is always 0:00. The HAN symbol indicates the it is communicating with the Comms Hub but it obviously isn’t (no data and no time).

It probably requires a software update but, because it continually reboots, I can’t connect it to my WiFi. If I select the ‘WPS Push Button’ option the IHD goes into reboot before the router has time to reset. If I select the ‘Scan for networks’ option, it finds the router but I can’t enter the password before the IHD goes into another reboot cycle.

A Gas Smart Meter was fitted in February 2020 but it can’t be read remotely by Bulb. Bulb tell me that the distance between the Electricity meter an the Gas meter is too great But that distance is less than 7 meters.

Bulb (and other energy suppliers) are just trying to meet government targets to install Smart Meters regardless of whether or not they work.

The internet is overflowing with complaints about Smart Meters (not just those installed by Bulb). Ofgem , the energy watchdog, needs to get a grip on this situation.

Does anybody know how to stop the IHD rebooting long enough for the user to connect it to the internet?

Hi @geoffL

Welcome to the Bulb community, I’m sorry to see you’ve had such issues with your smart meters.

What you’re describing is a symptom of the IHD dropping off the Home Area Network (HAN) at the property. When this happens, it will constantly reboot itself searching for the HAN. This is fixed by a reboot of the communications hub, which is the little box sitting atop your electric meter.

We need to request this from the DCC, the company responsible for the smart network. I’ve done this now for you, but as they have a backlog it can take 3-4 weeks to be processed. I can see you’ve got an open complaint about this as well, so I’ll update the complaint handler to let them know.