IHD not working/meter readings not updated

I’ve had nothing but problems with the IHD since October 2020 the main thing is it doesn’t work. Eventually after commenting on here it got sorted in Dec/January time now it’s not working again since beginning of March. Last bill was taken in February that was fine my account is in £250+ credit I have submitted manually 2 meter readings this month because of the IHD not working. The last time my account was in credit by the same my bill happened to be the same and it was all taken. Seriously considering leaving I never had a complaint with bulb until I changed meters. I just want back to a normal meter! And my bill should only be £70+ for March!!!

Hello @66amp77,

Thank you for your post on community.

I’m really sorry to hear that your IHD has not been functioning as expected. I’ve had a look into the account, and it looks like we’ll need to perform a comms hub reboot, which should restart the connection between your smart meter and IHD.

I’ve actioned this for you and sent you and email as a follow up so we can keep in touch while we wait for the results, feel free to send me a reply with any questions.

Freya @ Bulb :bulb:

As an FYI, the IHD doesn’t submit meter readings. Does the Bulb app show usage from your meter?

No my app isn’t showing any usage but I have submitted two readings