IHD not working

Hi. I have had my smart meters and IHD installed over a month ago and my IHD has never connected to the smart meters neither gas nor electricity. I have already filled out the online forms twice and still have had no luck. I have even had the IHD less than 30cm away from the meters and it just doesn’t connect. The problem I think is that my IHD never stays on for more than 90 seconds before it switches off and resets itself even when it’s plugged in. Is this normal?

No response from bulb at all about my IHD. Still not working and has never worked since it was installed 6 weeks ago!!!

I tried everything. This eventually worked for me. Unpug the unit. Allow the battery to drain for two hours. Send the reset request. Once it resets it should be OK if not repeat the battery drain and power down for two hours, but not the reset,