Ihd on constant reboot for over month help!

Only had the smart meter fitted September this year after a few weeks decided to go into constant reboot :exploding_head: I can see seems to be a running problem and iv tried all the things suggested to no avail, really unhelpful and stressful as I only got a smart meter thinking would be make my life easier with disability, however just left me with constant worry and anxiety not knowing what money iv got left on meter or using, having to constantly go outside 2 different directions to check each meter which has led to supply going off quite few times not knowing where I am financially and physically sometimes Impossible for me, the main reason I had it to make my life a little easier physically and it’s become my nemesis…after reading hoards of other feeds I don’t hold out hope for it to be rectified as seems success rate minimal, but I can’t continue on like this regardless :sob::exploding_head:

Hi @AEdmunds111 :wave:

Welcome to Bulb Community. I’m sorry there have been ongoing issues with your new smart meter and that you’ve been having some difficulties getting this resolved. We really don’t want to cause any extra stress or worry.

I can see your Bulb Account is showing an up-to-date balance for electricity but not gas, so I have raised it with our smart pay-as-you-go team.

As soon as I hear back from them, I’ll let you know what else we can try moving forward.

Cara :stars: