IHD only reading 0nly 1 supply

My IHD will not display electricity useage for more than a few minutes. Gas is reading fine. I have switched it off and on as per instructions. I have connected it to my WIFI. All to no avail.
I have tried the recommended /help site but cannot see anywhere to log my problem.
I have tried the recommended /community site but cannot see any reference to my issue.
I have tried the recommended /ihd-issues site but was simply referred back to the /community site.
Bulb seem reluctant to offer a route to real help, so anyone out there had the same problem and managed to resolve it?
Would be grateful for support.
IHD details Model# IHD6-CAD-PPMID

That’s because they don’t yet have a route to help. You have two options. Be patient and wait until Bulb have developed all the necessary code to make it work. Yes, you might expect them to have done this before installing so many meters, but no. Or you can switch to another supplier that is more competent - there have been reports on here of customers switching to Octopus and their SMETS2 meters working no problems at all.


Thanks H, I’ll give them a chance, I am new to Bulb and my install was only just over a week ago. Sorry you seem to have had a bad experience, I hope things getter better for us both.

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Hi there we had our first Smart meter installed a week ago and the IHD hasn’t yet provided any information - data not available apparently. We are in a rural area with poor network. We don’t have gas, only electricity, and our winter bills are very high (up to £10 a day) so it would be good to have access to the data so we can see whether there is any way of reducing our bills - beyond living in a cold house!