IHD only showing Electricity usage - no gas info

Had 2nd Gen smart meters fitted - seem fine, and Siemens engineer seemed to know what he was doing. IHD has only linked to electricity so far. I’ce reset the IHD twice via Bulbs website. IHD is within 5 metres of the meter. Any Ideas?

I’m having the same issue, tried calling and all the other communication methods but nothing yet.

From what I’m reading on here seems to be a common issue!

Very poorly designed equipment.

I doubt it’s the IHD, it’s almost certainly the GPF (mirror of the gas meter on the comms hub)

The IHD is the end point in consumers homes of quite a complex system so when something goes wrong everyone points at it.

In reality it just reads what it is told from the electricity meter and/or the comms hub. If they are faulty the IHD won’t work correctly.

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I was not pointing the issue to the IHD, The IHD as it is more of an external GUI for usage,

I feel the issue is like you say more of a coms issue from the hub end,



Couldn’t agree more!

had mine installed today and having the same issue. Did it fix itself?

I’m assuming mine fixed it’s self once I used at least 1m3 of gas.

Interesting - I need to check because we certainly haven’t used much gas yet, but will have the heating on pretty soon.

In the end i did a reset of the IHD and both gas and the electric are showing.

Hope you all have the same luck

That’s good, but unfortunately hasn’t worked for me, and I’m getting absolutely no response from Bulb. Frustrating and extremely disappointing.