IHD only showing gas kWh, not electricty

Hi there,

My Bulb IHD is only showing kWh for the gas readings, the electricity display always shows 0 kWh but is displaying the electricity price correctly. Could this be fixed? I’ve tried to upload a photo of the IHD to explain but it won’t let me upload.

I would prefer to have my IHD showing kWh so that I can monitor actual energy usage rather than £ which includes the daily charges and therefore not really representative of actual usage day to day.

This also goes for the usage charts on the web/app - having option to display kWh instead of £ would be very helpful although I think this has been raised before.

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Hi @wave1768 :wave:

Could you try following our online guide on How to use your In-home display - this should give you some insight on how to update the screens to display your usage in the way that suits you :crossed_fingers:

Please let me know if you have any questions after looking through this,

– KT :bulb:

Hi Katie,

Thanks, but the issue is that the IHD is showing 0.00 kWh for electricity all day long. If I switch to pounds it displays ok so it does appear to be receiving readings correctly.

Gas usage displays correctly in both kWh and pounds so the only issue is with displaying electricity in kWh. If i could attach a photo it would probably make more sense on what I mean.