IHD only showing Gas - never really worked from day one

My IHD only shows Gas, any attempt to switch it to another mode just results in a beep.
I see loads of old threads talking about this but no real resolution. Is there a fix for this, or do I just have to wait for Bulb to “come up with a fix”. Very frustrating, I have had this since May 19 and it has not worked consistently ever in that time. I like home tech but this is driving me crazy.
Do other energy suppliers have reliable IHD’s or are they all flaky ?


Hi @hancock_mick

I’m really sorry to hear your IHD isn’t showing both gas and electricity. I’ve looked into your account and it looks like everything is set up correctly so you should definitely be seeing both fuels.

I’d recommend following the steps here and we’ll remotely reboot it from our end as well: https://account.bulb.co.uk/dashboard/smart/ihd-issues

This should hopefully fix the issue but if it doesn’t let me know

My IHD only shows gas also, since June 2018. That is two years and three months ago. No remote repair by Bulb has worked. Replied to an invite August 2020 to say when I am available ‘to test the accuracy of your meter’ with a promise of contact with 2 working days. Heard nothing. Did again, just in case … nothing.
How to improve ? Stop responses falling through the net. If there’s a backlog, don’t overpromise. Thanks.

Hi @Daddy0, I have raised this with my Smart team to see whether your electricity meter is commissioned and if not, whether we can get this done, as I can see we aren’t receiving smart readings for it, and therefore, the usage isn’t showing on your IHD.

Lou, thanks for replying, I’m looking forward to, a working IHD/ smart (?) meter !

Hi @Daddy0 - I’ve seen that we’ve managed to get a smart reading through, which is very exciting! Your IHD may already be showing the usage for your electricity, but if it isn’t try this fix through your Bulb account, and it should get the usage showing shortly.