IHD only works in demo mode


I have my smart meter installed by a Bulb engineer a month ago. However, the smart meter doesn’t send any data to my Bulb account as my meter readings show as 0000.

On top of that, I can’t get the IHD to work either (after resetting it millions of times). IHD is currently working on the demo mode, showing some dumb information. IHD shows it is connecting to my Wifi without problem.

I am really frustrated. I have contact Bulb customer services and was told that their smart team is aware of the problem, but they don’t know when they will have this fixed.

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Welcome to the club. You’re not alone by any means. The fact you actually got a response from Bulb is amazing in itself.

In September I got a £10 credit on my account after it took them 5 days to answer a single email I sent them. If they did that again they’d currently owe me over £200