IHD Pipit 500, ex Robin Hood Energy customer now works, however,

Thank you for being able to update my SMET1 meters with my Bulb Account as they became useless after I left Robin Hood. They now show my Tariff and costs etc and my IHD communicates all the info. I got 2 messages on the IHD about them being ‘switched on’ but I would like to know a couple of things if I may.
Do I still have to send in my meter readings?
My mum would like to switch from SSE, will Bulb be able to set up her meters when she leaves and get meter readings automatically as she is terrified of electric meters and won’t go near it, she is in her 70’s.
Thank you

@Johnnyx50 Welcome to our Bulb community, thank you for your post :bulb:

It sounds like we’ve connected to your SMETS1 meters so will hopefully start receiving automatic readings. I’d recommend submitting manual readings until you see smart readings in your account/on your monthly statements

We will eventually be connected to all of these SMETS1 meters. It’s a process that we’re working on now :hammer_and_wrench: I can’t guarantee that we’d connect to your mum’s meter straight away but she can join our Priority Services Register and sign up for a meter reader to visit the property until we do connect to the meter.

Just to clarify, does she have the same type? A SMETS1 meter?

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I believe so, it has the A, B buttons on it and is smaller than mine. I can check later, but for now I will take her through the signing over to bulb process and explain her options until everything is up and running.
I would like to thank you so much for your prompt reply and advice. Again, many many thanks.

UPDATE: Ok so just been to have a look, her gas and electricity meters are both SMETS2
they are LANDIS GYR+ E470-5394
I guess you will be able to switch without hassle? Thank you :slight_smile:

@Johnnyx50 Thanks for the confirmation. We shouldn’t have any problems reading your mum’s smart meters in this case :ok_hand: