IHD reboooting many times every day - for months

Occasionally shows some usage - between reboots.


Hey @Glyn,

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I’ve had a look over your account and it looks like your wifi signal is ‘poor’. Are you able to move the IHD closer to the wifi?

It’s important that your IHD is connected to WiFi. That way, it can automatically download firmware updates to improve its performance.

Head to our help centre article - Connecting your smart meter’s In-Home Display (IHD) to Wi-Fi - to find out how to connect it.

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Hi there

My dilemma is getting closer to wifi weakens the signal from the meter and that then fails.

I am not sure that the wifi signal is the root cause as it works for decent periods of time and my wifi system consistently shows traffic to the IHD.

It is kind of a moot point now as the IHD has totally failed and will not even attempt to start. Can we arrange a replacement?


Hi Glynn,

Sorry to hear you are still having issues with the IHD.

Just to be clear is the IHD still constantly restarting ? What does it currently display ?

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I have moved it to a place where it seems more stable and reboots less often. All I see is a blank screen followed by the chameleon start up screen…