IHD rebooting every few minutes night and day

For the last few weeks my IHD has been flashing on and of as though its rebooting itself.
Screen will go blank then will restart ,but will not show any gas or electric useage, neither is it showing the time before it switches of and reboots itself.

Welcome to a not so exclusive club.

Sorry to be negative but the simple answer is they don’t work. Put it away and pretend you don’t have a “smart” meter as there is no sign of any fix in the near future.

Mine is switched off because of the same problem. I just got an estimated bill too, so I presume the ‘smart’ meters were a waste of time installing. It’s a shame, they worked for a while but now are completely useless.

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Bulb told me they were waiting for DCC (the company that runs the smart network) to reboot my coms unit that sits on top of my electricity meter and that would fix the rebooting issues… it hasn’t happened (yet).

“IF” the reboot works I’m not expecting it to fix the other issue smart meters have in that it will transmit my readings to bulb.

Its as i thought. These are not fit for purpose. i shall pull the plug on mine and stash it away

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It is annoying when things don’t work as advertised. Your smart meters should still work i.e. collected and send readings to Bulb via the DCC. You can press buttons on the meters to see what the current reading is. If that isn’t happening it needs to be fixed. Your readings are held on your smart meter for up to a year (I think).

The IHD also connects to the smart meters and takes readings from them. This is a convenience (or not). It makes no difference to the smart meter and the readings should be sent to Bulb if the IHD is working or not.

If the DCC is rebooting the meters themselves then there is a chance that it will fix the transmission to Bulb issue too.

Well I was told it would take 5 days…

That was 13 days ago now.

Still nothing. I am aware it was over Christmas but I’m NOT holding my breath.

Then I would get an accurate bill, but I’ve just been sent an estimated bill. Bulb are not getting my readings, it seems. My IHD cannot connect to my meters (or to my account through wifi if that’s where it gets account information). My meters cannot connect properly (via DCC or whatever) to Bulb. Seems to me that the whole setup is kaput!

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Looks like your setup is definitely not working. My guess is the communications hub is faulty, especially if your meters show readings on their own displays. It is in the suppliers’, and DCC’s, interest to make it work but I think that they are overwhelmed at the moment. We consumers can’t fix that, we can only report problems.

I do find it odd there there is so much focus on the IHD - as if this is the core part of the system. It is only a display and, sometimes, a WiFi to ZigBee router. The important parts of the system are the SMETS gas, electric and communications hub.

Here is a nice diagram of the high level system design . I have a strong drive to know how things work but not everyone is like me. Some people just want the stuff to work so they can get on with the rest of their lives :wink:


If the IHD is showing 00:00 and rebooting that’s generally because the Coms Hub is not providing a secure time to the device.

In an attempt to gain a secure time the IHD then reboots itself to make a new connection. Unfortunately until the Comms Hub gives the device this information the IHD will not be able to move forward to the next step.

This is probably an issue with the Comms Hub that Bulb would need to rectify rather than an issue with the IHD itself.