IHD Rebooting every minute

My IHD keeps rebooting every minute or so. Any help would be appreciated. I have contacted Bulb help with emails but no reply. JRs-07

Same here. First reported 4 weeks ago. No reply on the first email. Reported again 2 weeks ago - got a reply but that was just to do the same reset as it tells you on the web. Replied to that to say that I had already been through all that. I was then told that it had been raised with their “smart team”. Nothing again now for another 2 weeks.

I have even sent them a Video of what is happening, but still no joy.

Email is a waste of time best you phone or use live chat.

Just got this reply.

"If the IHD is constantly rebooting it may be the case that the IHD has dropped of the in house network, therefore we need to reboot the communications hub (which sits above the smart meter) from our end. I can process this reboot from our end.

Please ensure that the IHD is plugged in and is closeby to the Smart meter itself so the connection is as strong as possible. If possible connect it to the wifi.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for the reboot to kick-in. Your IHD will then be synced correctly to the smart meters.

I hope this helps."

Yipee seems to be working now. :+1: :+1: