IHD reset to 00.00

Hello everyone,
Before at the end of every month when I sent in my meter readings and I was billed for the energy I used for the month, my IHD used to re-set to 00.00.
Now for the last 2/3 months my IHD has not been reset to 00.00 at end of each month. ???

Why is this?
Now I can’t see how much energy I am using each month.

These smart metes don’t seem to help the customer very much, just the suppliers !

Hi @volvo

I’ve just had a look at your account and it looks like we’re now able to communicate with your SMETS1 meter which means we’re getting readings automatically - great news :raised_hands:

I’m sorry to hear about the issue with your IHD. I’ve just sent you an email explaining that we’ll need a photo of your IHD and I can then pass this onto the smart team and hopefully resolve this.

If you can get back to me there, hopefully we’ll get this issue resolved ASAP :smile:

I have emailed photos of the IHD to you.

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