IHD showing £99,999

Hi all, IHD today showing gas cost £99,999 and gas used so far this week = 16,776 kWh
Powered it off for two hours but it is still showing 99999 - any idea how to fix it?

I too have a useless IHD since the day it was installed 2 months ago. Numerous calls to the help desk only result in the “reset” link being sent which of course doesn’t work. The best of it is I can’t even manually enter meter reads as the new readings, which of course start at zero as the meter was changed, are less than the last recorded ones -doh! Best of it is the IHD shows my increasing gas bill and I’m only electric. They can take the whole thing out as far as I’m concerned.

If you have a Smart meter installed then Bulb should wipe the meter readings of the previous meter from your meter readings and start again at Zero.
A tip for those who want a smart meter, before the engineer starts work on installing the smart meters take your own meter readings, then let the engineer continue that way if there is a discrepancy you can say the meter was read by yourself just before the engineer removed the meters, as they only take just over an hour so the old meter might move one tenth of a unit and that would be a light bulb being on for 2.5 hours