IHD shows electricity but not gas data. 2nd generation smart meters.

Installation. Smart Meters fitted 21 August 2019.
Gas Meter Landys + Gyr G470 672
Electricity Meter Landys + Gyr E470 5424
Both meter boxes on external wall 1.4M apart
Distance from IHD on internal window sill to gas meter 1.4M and to electricity meter 2.3M
Signal strength 2 bars out of 4 on both IHD indicators

Within 48 Hours after install the IHD showed both electricity and gas data, readings, and budgets.

Problem. All gas data has disappeared from the IHD and from my Bulb account online.

Correction attempts. 1. Switch off IHD, leave for a few minutes. Then switch on again. 2. Reset IHD through Bulb online.

Suggestions would be welcome.

Do you have access to the web site https://account.bulb.co.uk/dashboard
What data do you see under “Energy Usage” on the web site?

Good morning DrB, Thanks for your reply. Just looked again this morning and the gas data has reappeared. I guess I did not wait long enough after the online reset for the IHD to collect and display the available data. Must try to be more patient. Both gas and electricity usage now figure in the Energy Usage on the dashboard. So I think all is well. But could you please help with another query? We have PV panels. The IHD shows an icon of a grid pylon with either a lightning flash (importing?) or an arrow (exporting?). Can I access our export figures, and if so how? Your further help would be appreciated. Many thanks.

You’re lucky! My smart meter, installed 6th August, still isn’t showing any gas readings (never has), and shows only day-rate electricity, although I am on a dual rate tariff. The online dashboard energy usage figures are also missing since the “smart” meter was installed, apart from one reading of “6” on the day, and one of “0” the following day. Bulb need to sort this out.