IHD shows high readings

I moved over from Ecotricity 10 days ago, had an electric smart meter fitted by one of their agents last October, when using the dishwasher, washing machine or electric cooker the needle on the display would maybe read 2-3 0’clock on the display and normal use, it would hover just above the bottom of the green section. Since moving to Bulb, normal use it reverts between green and orange and if using white goods, the needle goes off the scale. I am using exactly the same electricity as before. Just wondering why the discrepancy with the display?

Hi @dredmann, welcome to Community!

I can see we’re not quite receiving smart readings yet, which may be causing the discrepancy as the IHD may be a little out of sync. It might be worth you changing your smart meter settings to half hourly here, and keeping an eye on this over the next few weeks.


Hi thanks for the reply, I already had it set to half hourly