IHD Smart displays

Bulb IHD’s. I am not impressed. I had my first property fitted with smart meters August 2019.
I then had my home fitted with smart meters October 2019. The first fitting only ever connected to one energy source (elec) It has never connected to the gas supply, even though Bulb said it would be resolved. We are now in June 2020.
The home display worked fine for a few months. Then stopped working on the electricity. It is still reading only the gas meter but has now developed faulty readings and claiming gas is being used when I have switched gas off at the mains? Does anyone know where I can box up this rubbish technology and post back to Bulb?

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I understand your frustration with the In Home Display, I had many problems with mine, but just before you do anything else try doing a 30 second press of the power button. This will cold boots the unit. If that fails ask bulb to contact DCC, the company that runs the smart meter network, and cold boot your electric meter as that sends data to the network.
Good luck. :+1:t2:

20p/21p worth each day? If so, your IHD has picked up a recent firmware update to include the standing charge. This feature is being discussed in a couple of the threads on here.


My bills say the standing charge is 19.47p per day. So have Bulb increased it and really nice of them to inform us not?

Thanks for your reply

I have switched it off many times and tried to reboot it. I have had Bulb contact DCC to reboot the communications hub at the meter but no joy. Like I said it’s a waste of time if I have to manually read the meters? It’s not so bad in my own house but pretty anoying at rented HMO properties where I’m paying the bills.

I that case I’d either switch providers or contact the energy ombudsman or both.

My IHD doesn’t show the standing charge for electricity or gas. I’ve just looked at my display this morning after reading your comment and the gas is at £0.00 and electricity is at £0.13 as of 08:12.

this would be the standing charge before VAT

You think that’s bad? Here’s what my IHD was telling me this morning.

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I think you might want to turn down the boiler thermostat there! :slight_smile:

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:joy: In actual fact the boiler is more or less turned off, because it’s only topping up the hot water tank first thing in the morning. Most of the water is being heated by solar electricity these days, and most days all I see on gas is the 20p or 21p standing charge.
The core issue is flaky software on the IHD. For comparison, here is what it reported as the month to date cost at the same time (actually less than one minute later). How does that add up?