IHD, Smart meter and the new trials failure

Ok I’ve got a bit bored now of calling support and trying to get my IHD to work and it appears I’m not the only one…
Is there a specific department or someone i can talk to that can get my IHD working and explain why my 3month old smart meter isn’t compatible with the trial of the smart tariff considering how new it is?

Feeling a bit disheartened at the moment with this as i’ve tried a few times via the reset service on the site and via the phone to get it working and wherever it seems to be sent to doesn’t seem to resolve it or want to call me back :frowning:

What did the reset service ask you to do. As I have same issue and can’t get through to anyone

It just came up on my account portal. I’ve followed it a few times and the IHD is conncted to my WiFi as well but all I get is the demo screen :sob: