IHD / Smart meter ongoing issues

After reading very many community posts, the Bulb Blogs, Blogs from other utility providers and getting thoroughly wound up, I made some enquiries with other providers, then took the advice of a community member. If I leave Bulb, the IHD and Smart meter, especially the meter, are not likely to be compatible with a new provider, so I will be no better off leaving other than I can enter my meter readings on line, which is what I used to do with Bulb before the smart meter installation.

I don’t want the faffing around of changing supplier again and decided I might as well put the IHD in a drawer and wait until whatever is not happening with my smart meter is sorted (Bulb cannot get the readings even after 2 weeks plus of being able to collect them), email my readings to Bulb and calm down. It’s not the end of the world after all. Anyway, this is what I have done and wonderful news, my bills and statement are now up to date.

Obviously not everyone wants to do this, and of course it would be nice if the tech works efficiently but that is not yet the case. I don’t have a mobile phone so don’t use the app but somehow good old email with the readings to a named Bulb person resulted in up to date bills and statement. I’m calm again!

Bottom line, having spoken with 3 alternative suppliers, swapping is unlikely to mean the IHD and smart meter will spring into life, so I’m going to wait and just continue to keep working at getting my usage down even without an IHD. Sorry not to be more helpful than this but I did want to post something more constructive than my previous posts, as well as say thank you to all the very helpful people in the community!

smart meter STILL does not work, fed up with this!