IHD standing charge inclusion

Hi all,

Very happy with my smart meter generally (2nd Gen since August 2019) and is working with solar export on the consumption view.

I noticed recently (June?) on the cost view that the gas standing charge started to be included in the display at the beginning of the day. So at midnight I see:
Electricity: £0.00
Gas: £0.20

However when I look at yesterday’s data in the history, I believe that the standing change is added to the electricity. When I check at 10pm it might say £0.30 for electricity, but the next day it jumps to £0.50. This just makes things a bit confusing and harder to track consumption (which I can control) vs cost (which includes the standing charge).

Is this a known issue/behaviour of the tariff or meter?


Hi @kyle1, firstly welcome to the Bulb community and congrats on your first post :clap:

We did indeed upgrade the firmware for a number of our IHDs, in order to add the gas standing charge at midnight for the coming day.

Landis & Gyr, who manufacture the smart meters we install, are working on the same for electricity too, but we haven’t rolled this out yet, so your electricity standing charge won’t be being added at midnight. Would you be able to check for sure whether the IHD is resetting the £0.00 for the electricity at midnight?

Hi Lou

I did check and it was my mistake - you don’t add the electricity standing charge for yesterday, and it does reset to £0.00! It also turns out that running my dishwasher in the evening uses 10-20p of electricity (I must get out more) which is possibly where I’m seeing the jump.

I hope in the future we might be able to get some of the export stats on the IHD.


@kyle1 Glad to see you got to the bottom of this!

In terms of exporting do you mean to an API, as lots of Bulb Community would like to see this too? You can view your smart usage in your Bulb Account & can switch your reading frequency between monthly, daily & half hourly at the link below.


Hi Matthew

In terms of export I mean in terms of solar export. It’d be nice to simply see my daily/monthly/yearly total of how much energy Ive exported. Currently something like 10kwh/day, but the only info I get is the current exporting power when on the ‘usage now’ HD home screen.

I guess this is all linked to having to manually provide you with our export stats for the SEG payments every 3 months - perhaps some automation coming in the works?

FYI I’m using the half-hourly logging on the smart meter and enjoying those stats, but they only go down to zero, even when I’m producing more electricity than I’m using!

Hi @kyle1,

I would take advantage of our solar Q&A to ask this question and any more you may have on this topic.

Katie is the best person to ask. Here is the link to that thread: Q & A with Katie from Solar