hi there a phoned up about 8 weeks ago regarding my smart meter IHD a told yous a tried everything yous told me to a good few times over and was told on phone it will definitely be sorted for end of July . My IHD IS STILL SHOWING THE MESSAGE WAITING FOR CURRENT DATA. It’s been like this now for over 12 weeks!!! av emailed a dozen times and called yous and still nothing can yous please tell me what really is happening and will yous even be able to fix this problem thanks just so everyone knows when first installed it worked for about half hour and nothing now for over 12 weeks and av tried everything a mean everything that has been posted to try fix the problem but nothing has worked and my last call weeks ago a was told would definitely be up and running for end of July.

Luckily I don’t have or want smart meters but this isn’t really good enough for customers who have opted fro smart meters,

So where are Hayden and Amit, the founders of Bulb in saying up front what they are doing in resolving the continual issues around smart meters and possible deteriorating service?

I should say personally I have not had any problem or issues since switching to Bulb.