IHD still not working from day one

Hi I had gas and electric smart meters plus a IHD unit fitted by a Siemens engineer back in October but after trying everything on your web site numerous times to get it working, plus keeping my WiFi permanently on which I don’t like for a number of reasons, I’ve got nowhere with the IHD. Somehow I found a web page to contact you but didn’t get anything back but an automated notification and your news blog goes on about how good the success rate is in the central southern area (with the same messages I read in October) but still I can’t use my IHD. I’ve had at 3 bills now and having to take the charges as correct. You sold the smart meters for assisting me in being more efficient in saving energy but how can I when I haven’t a clue at what I’m using. To finish I think your site deliberately avoids customer contact so I’m having to post this publicly on your blog to try and get a decent response.

I too had my smart meter and IHD installed by Siemens in October and worked fine for 3 weeks. Then suddenly went blank for unknown reason. Tried turning it on/off and other suggestions from Bulb website but these didn’t work so emailed Bulb for help. Apart from automated reply about receiving my email heard nothing for 3 weeks then without me doing anything the IHD turned itself on and has been working fine ever since. Yesterday I received the following email from Bulb which might be of help to you:

"Sorry that you’re still having issues with this.

We are receiving the smart reads through to your bulb account which shows that the meters themselves are connected properly to the smart network, it may be an issue with the connection between the IHD itself and the meters.

Usually this can be fixed by doing the reset on your Bulb account, here: https://account.bulb.co.uk/dashboard/smart/ihd-issues

We’ll run the process to pair your in-home display to your meters overnight, please make sure your IHD is near your electric meters at this time. You may need to restart your device tomorrow morning and put it near your electric meter for it to update to the changes made.

A few in-home displays have been having issues that cannot be fixed by re-pairing them to the meters, which is all we’re able to do at Bulb. In many cases, once the meters and the in-home display have been paired, re-running these commands doesn’t fix the problem.

We’ve investigated several different types of reported issue and have raised them all with the device manufacturers. We then ran some in depth analysis together on some of the affected devices to try and pinpoint the root cause. This has given the device manufacturers some really useful information - they are currently using this to get to the root cause of the problems and will then release firmware updates that will to get affected in-home displays up and running.

If this doesn’t work then it is worthwhile making sure the IHD is plugged in, near the electric meter and has been reset (by holding down the button for 10+ secs).

So sorry again that your IHD isn’t working as expected, and thanks for your patience with this so far. We’re hoping that the fix we attempt once you complete the form on your bulb account will work, but if not we’ll keep working with the manufacturer to get this sorted for you."

Thanks for your reply. I too went through the rest process a couple of times via an online process. Bulb supposed to have reset their end and I did the same with the IHD but no good. The IHD is about 1.5 m or less from the internally located meters with clear line of site. As with you it looks like the meters themselves are working as they’ve been sending me bills for last three months. I’ve also ran the battery down completely and everything else in between. All to no avail. Looks like I’ll have to track their online form again but expect the same “reset overnight” procedure. Not impressed by lack of communication.