IHD still not working

I’ve had a smart meter installed around the 17th August and there were some issues with the swap over, I guess the engineer didn’t send through the info correctly?
Anyway the smart meter now appears to be sending readings daily since the 1st September which is good!
However the IHD is stuck in demo mode, I’ve reset the ihd multiple times (and tried the reset via the site reset on the account) with no avail and although it’s connected to WiFi it’s not connected at all to the meter. I’ve tried doing “join network” but it just sits there forever saying joining network with the signal bars on the left flashing from low to max signal.
I’ve tried draining the battery completely and I’ve tried moving the unit next to the smart meter even tho it’s actual placement is within 3 meters.
The IHD has never worked and always displayed demo data.
I honestly don’t feel the ihd was setup/paired correctly by the engineer (it was his first solo appointment).

I’ve had contact with support but emails are now being ignored.

You have come to the right place. Some bulb staff here are able to get you referred to the smart team who will be able to connect your ihd. This will be a coordinated attempt at an agreed time. They will hopefully see this post tomorrow.
Good luck.

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fingers crossed, would be nice to have the IHD working :slight_smile:

Hi @bewA,

It looks like your IHD hasn’t been commissioned onto the smart network. I’m going to drop you an email about this now so we can get this fixed ASAP.

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Thank you Gabby! :slight_smile:
I’ve replied with the information requested!