IHD still not working !$!

IHD is 6 feet from the meters… showing usage. The portal is showing electricity data but not gas since 22nd September:

Given the ComsHub is connecting daily with electric readings, why not gas - or why is gas so intermittent?

And, in any case, I asked for half hourly readings and neither chart seem to be showing that…

Hi @glynn

Sorry to see you’re still having trouble with this. I’ve spoken with our smart team about your case, and it seems your gas meter was inadvertently set to only take monthly readings.

This has been corrected now, and data will start showing on the usage graphs shortly once more :bar_chart:

Be grateful you’re getting something sensible for at least one fuel. Here’s what Bulb say my electricity consumption is:-

Despite being set to sending them a reading every half hour (at their request), I have month after month of this nonsense. For reasons you can read elsewhere, I don’t have an IHD and Bulb is incapable of giving me one for fear of being fined by their regulator, the only way I have, they say of tracking and managing my energy usage is to use this graph. The graph is clearly nonsense - it is as much use to me to manage my energy usage down as would be the daily examination of the entrails of a chicken. Indeed, the chicken entrails might even be more useful.

Hi @jenks1

I’ve responded to the issues regarding your usage graphs here, just to be sure you see: Estimated Reading on Smart Meter? :female_detective: