IHD system down? No Wi-fi?

My IHD stopped working this morning - flashing Wi-fi signal and no time showing. Is the system down? I’ve tried rebooting but no change. I’ve previously suffered the common issues that have been reported but all was working well for the last two or three weeks. Has this happened to anyone else?

Just to clarify a little, the icon that’s flashing is for the Zigbee communication to your smart meter rather than WiFi. Confusingly the data network symbol is used for WiFi and the WiFi symbol is used for hub communications.

If you can, I’d recommend moving your display closer to the smart meter for a while to see if it picks back up again. The flashing is normally indicative of a lost connection.

@mowcius I’ve tried all that and it just continually reboots trying to pick up the signal. Is this a known error? Have been in touch with Bulb and the remote fix they tried hasn’t worked. Do I assume the IHD is faulty? Previously the signal was strong.

@joanna2694, I’m afraid I can’t really help more on this matter. I’d just wait to see what Bulb come back with.

There may be more that they can try remotely but I’m not particularly familiar with those processes.

@mowcius it seems that the IHD is faulty and bulb will send out a replacement in’3-4 weeks’. We’ll see - I’m not holding my breath …

my in home display unit is showing 'elec data not available. what do i do about it ?

Hi Caroln53, as suggested above to Joanna, it’s worth moving your In-Home Display closer to your electricity meter, and then turning it off and then on again. (Sorry, a classic tech answer to all things, I know.) If that doesn’t fix it, please fill out this form and we’ll take a look: