IHD traffic lights

Does anyone have an IHD where the traffic lights light at the bottom up other than on rebooting?

I’m not sure if my experience is going to be at all helpful to you, but my IHD didn’t work for about 5 weeks after installation. Bulb then did something to fix it over the smart meter network and it has been working quite well now for about 15 weeks. During that time it has locked up once, and starting incessantly beeping once, but it was easy enough to reboot it on both occasions

My IHD traffic lights worked from install day in March, though don’t look that distinctive between the yellow and red ones to my eyes. With over-the-air update the setting changed to off, so I turned that feature back on. I suggest giving your IHD wi-fi access if you can.

I’ve just disconnected my IHD from my wi-fi because it doesn’t actually do anything. Bulb might activate it in the future but I’m not holding my breath as they have got other things to worry about for time being.

The updates from Chameleon (the manufacturer) are only delivered through Wi-Fi, which is why I suggested keeping it on in the hope of a newer build fixing the issue with your lights. It is also possible that it might be a hardware fault just with your particular unit.

I would like to know more about updates from Chameleon delivered through Wi-Fi. Where can I find more detailed information on this?