IHD Unit Cannot Connect And Keeps Rebooting

For about a week now my IHD unit has been cycling as it is apparently unable to find its external connection (it connects to my WIFI with no issues). Reading through other similar posts this seems to be a common issue that is resolved by a 3rd party communications company resetting the connection to my meter. I believe I’ve requested this to be done by logging into my account but wanted to be able to report and track the fault and this seems to be the only place to do that.

Am i right in making the following assumptions please:

  1. I should leave the IHD on and cycling until the issue is resolved? (ie I shouldn’t turn it off to stop it from cycling)

  2. It’s possible that meter readings are still being received by Bulb even if the IHD doesn’t appear to be working so it may not be necesary to manually submit meter readings (part of teh reason for changing my energy provider to Bulb in fact).

  3. Bulb will advise me if a meter readng is required if the problem affects more than the IHD and persists beyond the next bill date (in January sometime).

If there is action that I need to take now then please let me know, otherwise I’ll just continue as normal and wait for the fault to resolve itself.

If its as common an issue as it seems then it might be worth putting a specific entry in your self help deal with some of these details up front. Just a suggestion as I’m sure the questions people have about this fault will be very similar and attract similar responses.



Hi @karlyesitsme

Thanks for posting and welcome to Bulb community! :raised_hands:

The IHD has been affected by an error with the communication hub, which means it can’t show any data currently. We have a fix for this called a comms hub reboot, which helps re-establish the connection.

If you live in or South of Manchester, the reboot will be complete in 2-3 weeks. If you’re North of Manchester, it will be six weeks.

Your IHD should go back to normal after the reboot completes.

Your meters are sending your readings through without a problem, so no need to submit reads manually.

Let me know if you have any more questions!

Freya :bulb:

I am also having this issue - a reboot was initiated by the bulb team months ago but the meter is still not working, continuing to cycle through and restarting.
My bills have also had estimated readings so there is definately somewthing up still.
Not happy!

I am in the same position as well as many others. I had the reboot but still only get Gas on IHD where previously I had both.

There is a lack of Comms from Bulb on what is being done/rolled out to get these dumb meters smart again. In the meantime I am having to submit manual readings. Come on Bulb please make a sticky thread updating customers when they will get functioning Smart meters and IHD

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I’m having this issue too. First few days it worked fine but since Dec 23 the Screen keeps resetting every few minutes and it doesn’t display any data. I’ve requested a reset but it’s not fixed anything.

Likewise suffering. There has been a history of this issue since installation in November 2019.
Estimated readings were being used until April 2020. After requseting help, both fuels were being read but the IHD was intermittent (and it is only about 5 feet from the meter). My last read statement was 28th November and since 6th December I am back to estimated readings and no IHD of usage, it just keeps re-setting. I have been asked to submit readings manually. Bulb help tell me that my meters have never been connected (so how were my readings getting recorded before Dec 6th?) but they hope to reset the modem on the meter in the next 4 - 6 weeks! How long can it take? It just seems to be going round in a loop of working for a couple of months then off again.
The new meters offer lots of information, but finding the actual readings manually to submit is not an easy task!
Come on Mr Bulb! Surely you can do better than this.

Hey @steve39 and @trish-and

Thanks for your posts on the Smart meter situation.

With these type of issues it does require a reboot of the network on both the accounts.

Sorry that this has occurred, Sometimes the system does drop off but we can request it be added back on via the comms hub reboot.

Both the accounts have been requested to be updated, We should see progress on this after 4-6 weeks.


Hi There Carl_at_Bulb.
Still no change here except that from about 2 weeks ago, the gas reading is now on my IHD, but no electricity reading. The response from Bulb was that my readings are still not being received and yet my latest invoice shows gas as “read” on 1st Feb and 6th Feb. Despite submitting my readings on line, my electricity is shown as “estimated”. Doers anyone have a clue what is going off at Bulb?