IHD updated to v2.5.1 but still no SmartThings Gas data

Hi everyone

My IHD3 got updated on Tuesday, people said when theirs got updated it was a couple of days before Gas data started showing in SmartThings app. Mine still isn’t showing.

I had gas data on IHD before and after update.

Who still hasn’t got Gas data on SmartThings app after IHD3 update to V2.5.1?

And who has got gas data after update and how long did you have to wait before it showed on SmartThings?

Many thanks

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Hi @tony2
Does your IHD now show Gas data but the SmartThings app doesn’t?
If so - have you tried reporting to SmartThings support team? I’ve found them pretty helpful in the past…

My IHD updated to 2.5,not 2.5.1 a couple of weeks ago.Prior to the update only electricity data was displayed both on the IHD and on the SmartThings app.
Exactly the same after the update,no gas data available.

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I had Gas data on IHD but not on SmartThings app before and after update.

IHD updated 2.5 and all meter readings has stopped showing under’ activity history’ (last update was Wednesday 27/11). The actual electricity usage graph is still updating but still nothing showing for the gas usage graph

@Shamengb Exactly the same for me too.

My last ‘activity history’ update for both gas and electricity was at 9.42pm on Wednesday 27th November, following the update of the IHD to version 2.5.0.
Gas usage graph still not showing any data.

Any further news on this @ChameleonTechnology ?

I have a different model (IHD 6) but the same problem. It shows no gas costs, now for at least for a week.

I did discover though that gas data usage does show in kWh by tapping on the ------- line in the display. So, gas usage information arrives at the unit but price is not calculated correctly.

A company-wide software problem with price information? That’s my best guess.