IHD v Smart Meter + other issues

Further to my earlier post about the in-home display v smart meter, let me update you all.

So, since getting a smart meter my bills have been increasing steadily, which seems to be the trend anyway, I had an electric bill of £380 for February, my previously highest bill was £280. I get that it was a particularly harsh month with the weather but nonetheless it was an astounding amount.

Now, my issue, as before, is the in home display tells you one value and your bill tells you another. The app shows usage of an average of £2 a day more than the display states. I’ve taken photos at 23.59 of the display reading £4.50 and then the app showing the next morning as £6.70. So, is that smart? Is that helping people? No, its downright fraudulent.

Also, if its a mild day the display may read £3 of usage and of course that won’t show up in the app so its a average reading…the average reading is ALWAYS on a day with minimal use and its ALWAYS near double what the display reads.

I have had no assistance from Bulb other than some company will reboot the smart meter, which was apparently done in January. The usage v in-home display issue is exactly the same, its made no difference whatsoever.

Also, for a company who pride themselves on green energy, 100% renewables, how can they justify the increase (in my case of up to £25 a month)?

I’m seriously fed up with Bulb, the lack of assistance, the misleading smart meter/IHD, the price quotations (remember when you joined and it states you’ll only need to pay £60 a month? i’m now at £160) and the average readings.

I will be looking to leave in the near future should this not be resolved and also get in touch with the Ombudsman because of the complete lies I get told. If an IHD doesn’t tell you how much you’ve used then what is the point of it? They can make this up as they go along.