IHD3 incorrect time and no past data


My IHD3 has been working perfectly since it was installed along with the smart meter about 6 months ago by Bulb.

In the past week it now does not display past data (Waiting for data usage) and the time is reset to 00:00. It still shows current usage and i have done the usual things like resetting it etc. to try and get it working.

I switched supplier to British Gas about 3 months ago and it seemed to be working fine until now.

Should i take this issue up with Bulb or British Gas. Alternatively should i just unplug the IHD and forget about it :slight_smile:



Take up with British Gas if you no longer a customer of Bulb.

For the sake of your sanity unplug it until at least July and see if the DCC has got their act together

From all the issues people seem to be having, its like these things were never even tested properly. Not unusual i guess, testing often is neglected when they just want to get the product out the door.

And meet the governments targets…what ever happened to those!!!

Its gone in a drawer - now the heatings off i dont think i need to worry about my bill for a while.

Hey @ste_bulb Welcome to the Bulb Community, it’s a shame we’ve only heard from you since your switch away!

As @Allanr rightly said this is an issue for your current supplier to resolve. Second Generation Smart Meters and the accompanying IHD are designed to be compatible with any supplier, so as your current supplier will be the only ones currently able to communicate with the meter, they should be able to help, or let you know if there’s a longer-term issue.

Hi Matthew, thanks i had no problems with Bulb just i tend to switch around when i find a cheaper supplier. Customer service was great and Smart Meter install was fine. Hopefully i will be back one day.

@ste_bulb Great to hear, we really appreciate the positive feedback. All the best getting the IHD sorted!

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