IHD7 connection lost

I had both gas and electric smart meters fitted on 11/10/21. I have IHD7 (yes definitely IHD7 as it states it on the bottom) but this IHD has never connected to my electricity smart meter. I went through all the routines suggested by Bulb online. Reset the IHD, connected to WIFI, hold next to meter etc etc but still no connection and therefore no immediate usage shown. The bars in the top left corner show 1/4 so clearly has connection issues. Bulb told me many times that they are working with Chameleon to update the firmware but still no working IHD after 5 months.

Can anyone help to get my IHD working?

Hey @rudenotto

I’m so sorry you’re still having issues with your In-Home Display (IHD). I can see you’ve tried to pair your IHD to the meter by following the instructions in your Bulb account a few times now, but that hasn’t worked. We’ve found this doesn’t fix the problem for a small number of IHDs.

We’ve reported this to the IHD manufacturer, and we’re working with them to find a solution. Once we’ve found a fix, we’ll be able to remotely update your IHD to get it working perfectly.

We understand this has taken a long time but we are unable to get that IHD connected until the fix is ready, thanks for your patience so far.

–Carl :bulb:

Hi Carl, thanks for the reply. Please can you answer a few questions…

Have Bulb previously managed to get some smart meters paired with an IHD7, specifically IHD7 and not an earlier model?

If so, then surely the IHD7 is able to pair/communicate with a smart meter which Bulb supply?

If this is true, then could it be possible that I just have a faulty IHD7?

If so, could an engineer visit and check the functionality of my IHD7 and if it is damaged somehow, then could a new, working IHD7 be installed and ensure it pairs correctly?

Any help would be appreciated as all Bulb seem to do is to keep on saying “once we have found a fix” and don’t seem to acknowledge that I may just have a faulty IHD7 which is never going to be “fixed”.

Many thanks.

Hi @rudenotto

We currently are able to connect to IHD3 and IHD6 models, unfortunately we haven’t been able to make connection with IHD7 models.

Unfortunately an engineer visit will not fix the issue and we will need to upgrade things on our end before we are able to connect with these IHDs. I’m sorry for any inconvenience.

– Robyn :bulb:

Hi Robyn,

Thanks for the reply. So you are telling me that Bulb knowingly supplied me with an IHD7 which they know does NOT connect? Why would Bulb do that?

That’s the same as Vodaphone selling a mobile phone to somebody, which they know will not connect to their network and therefore make calls and texts impossible. That’s ludicrous.

Can Bulb supply and fit for me an IHD6 then, as they know this works and surely there is not much difference between IHD 6 and 7?

Let me know, thanks.

Considering that the gas/elec prices have just gone up 50%, I really want this IHD now, to show me how much energy I am using (live) so I can think about being more effective.