IHD7 firmware upgrade

Hi there, I had my smart meter fitted in December 2022. The in-home display, IHD7, has never worked and I have been told the firmware is out of date (IHD7-CAD-PPMID 1.6) AND I should wait for it to be upgraded.

When is this going to happen please? Bulb says ‘it will happen eventually’ and is the responsibility of the tech provider, Chameleon. Problem is that Chameleon says it’s not their issue and to contact Bulb.

Clearly if the software is out of date then it’s a Chameleon issue, no? I’m connected to WiFi and have good signals to both the smart meter and the WiFi router.

Please, please can someone help? It’s April now and I hoped the display might be running before it’s six-month anniversary from installation…