Illustrations: Email Headers

Illustrations: Email Headers

Hello, my name is Aurelia,

As a Bulb member you will receive your monthly statement with a seasonally themed email header. It is something we really enjoy doing for our members and see it as a commitment to being attentive to our members and a reminder that we are in rhythm with them.

Working as one of Bulb’s Illustrators I wanted to share the sketches with you from behind the scenes for our July headers, these were my original concept sketches :

Of which we chose the Lawnmower and Strawberries to artwork ;

We would love to know if you have any favorite or memorable email headers at Bulb, or suggestions of things you would like to see more of. What makes you think of August this year? I’m currently looking for ideas and would be great to hear them :slight_smile:


@Aurelia_at_Bulb Lovely to hear from you on our community page :smiley: We get such great feedback about your illustrations all the time.

I’d love to see some wildlife illustrations, maybe some based on animals found in the Gola Rainforest? That would be in keeping with the carbon offsetting work we do there :crocodile:

You might find some inspiration in this blog post :palm_tree:

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Hey @Sophiem_at_Bulb

Thanks so much for your suggestions. Co-incidentally I have been working on some new illustrations for the Gola Rainforest colouring competition we just launched on our social media channels and published this blogpost today. Take part by using #GolaColours to share your collaborations :smiley: :deciduous_tree: :herb: :bug: :butterfly:

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