I'm a little concerned!

Hey everyone, I have a secure liberty 100 that I’ve been using for pre-payment with Utilita, I have not been sent any top up cards by Bulb and I’m due to be a Bulb member with them tomorrow.

How does this work? Do I just pay it by monthly debit? Do you need a credit meter? (Not even sure what that is!)

See: https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/115001227751-Can-I-switch-to-Bulb-with-a-prepayment-meter-

Lots of other useful information in the knowledge base that it would be best for you to familiarise yourself with before switching.

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Hey, thanks for replying.

" We’re not quite ready to take smart prepay meters. If you have one and want to switch to Bulb, we’ll have to switch the meter to credit. This means you would make a fixed monthly payment, taken in advance."

So what exactly happens now? Will Bulb send an engineer out to replace the pre-payment meter for a credit one or should I contact them via phone about it?

Your smart meter will be remotely reconfigured to a standard pay-monthly credit meter by your current supplier, before handing the account over to Bulb. No one will need to visit.

You’ll then pay monthly, as described in the link you quoted.

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Alright, thanks for helping!