Im about to have solar panels and a storage battery installed

So my question is, is there a night time cheap rate with which I can charge the battery up with?

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At the moment it looks like you have a 1 rate meter- we’d have to switch that to a 2 rate and then you’d get an off peak time. We have a waiting list to change over at the moment- would you like us to add you to it?

We also had a Q&A about battery storage if you’d like to take a look!

Hi thanks for the reply, what rate is it ? Is it the same as the RV rate @5.14pence ?

@diggerdave It wouldn’t be the same as the EV tariff- The two rate tariff would depend a bit on where you’re located- you can check it out with your location here → Tariff | Bulb
but if you have an EV you may be suitable for that which we can look into?

Will you also be signing up for the export tariff payment scheme as well?