I'm being asked way much higher than my last supplier

My first payment is asking way too much. If this is always how much I pay, I’ll be paying way more than my last supplier. This is not what I signed up for. I think this is fraud. I received no confirmation phone call, letter or email about what I’d be paying and intend to cancel as soon as is possible unless they sort this out immediately.
Anyone have any advice as to how to contact these people without a premium rate phone call?
Does anyone have an email address?
This whole process sucks so far.

Bulb’s number is 0300 30 30 635 (not a premium call; same cost as 01xxx/02xxx).


if your still within 14 days of your switch you can sill cancel it. The easest way is to contact your current supplier and ask them to refuse the switch

Hi @Djwjr64, welcome to Bulb Community!

When you sign up, the quote we generate for you is the price you pay for your monthly direct debit. Were you not happy with your quote when you signed up?

I have had a quick look and I can see that we have been sending you email correspondence regarding your account. Do check your junk mail just in case its filtered into there! :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s now too late to cancel your switch as your cooling off period has ended and your services are with us. You can contact us via email (help@bulb.co.uk) or on our phones lines. We only have the one phone number as confirmed in the above response.

I have received emails from bulb but none of them stated the amount I would be paying. I should have had a key delivered for my electricity by now which has not yet arrived. I was quoted verbally a much lower amount at my door when I signed up to the account. If your amount continues to be taken from my account my gas bill will have increased by over £200 pounds. I suspect that you are charging for electric as well as gas but this is incorrect as I have a key meter.
I was supposed to be called to confirm my account. I was unable to talk for the amount of time required and it was agreed that I was to be called back. I was not called back.
Please rectify the situation. Call me and confirm my account details on the contact number you have and send me a hard copy.


They don’t charge any exit fees ive just joined had 2 bills then am being told prices are going up not what I signed up for when I questioned it I was told that I can leave if am not happy and that was that bad customer service and definitely don’t want to keep their customers so am looking to move suppliers now

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@Djwjr64, has been with you over 14 days and still has not received his E key.
That is lamentably pathetic and diabolically incompetent at best

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The best advice I can give is to leave ASAP for more competent suppliier.
Unfortunately, it is about 6-8 weeks before you can do this otherwise they will just refuse the switch(never ever buy from a door seller again, especially energy, as the cooling off period goes from 14 days to 7 days

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