I'm Leaving Bulb

After a couple of years with Bulb I’ve decided to move on. Main reason is that I’m paying more with Bulb than I could pay elsewhere. I initially joined Bulb because of their green credentials and was prepared to pay a little more for the privilege. But now there are several other energy suppliers with the same green credentials and some of them have energy prices far lower than Bulb. I am moving to PFP Energy and will be paying £140 less than with Bulb over the next 12 month period. I suggest to Bulb that they stop giving £50 discounts to new customers and the £50 paid to existing customers for recruiting them. Better they use those funds to support a general reduction in prices for all customers.


I’m inclined to agree with that, like you I am moving away to a cheaper supplier, despite having made a small fortune from referrals over the years.


Hi @5Ja5Per5

Thank you for sharing your views on the community.

We are really glad that other suppliers are also moving towards being more green. :deciduous_tree:

Thank you for your feedback with the referrals. We have found that referrals are a great way to introduce members to Bulb and also an incentive to refer others :slightly_smiling_face:


Well I switched to bulb and was told switch date to be the 6th of November. I woke this morning to no gas or electricity. I’ve not had my money you promised for switching both my gas and electricity and also I went to apply for my winter warm payment that I have every year due to health to be told I can’t apply as I’m not with you for electricity :woman_shrugging:t3: I’ve sent emails and tried to contact via online chat to keep being kicked off the chat after I’ve qued for ages :rage: and no reply to emails, NOT a good start and not a happy customer now regretting my switch and considering going back to my old supplier a lot less hassle and so many unhappy customers on your forum. Went with you for cheaper gas and electricity but from everyone’s complaints this seems to be the opposite you are over charging.

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I’m very close to leaving Bulb following a terrible experience having Bulb install smart meters (I thought I was helping them!). The installer was fairly incompetent (MDS) and I’m left with non-functioning (non-smart) meters. Meanwhile Bulb’s systems show my account is £4k in the red. I don’t believe their billing even though I have sent in my readings - always done so. The only positive is that I have communication of some sort with a real person - Ed (not a Bot, I think…). The crucial next test for Ed is to ensure that I’m not direct debited with £4k tomorrow. If I am I’m straight off to the Ombudsman and a new supplier

Hi @pammy,

I took a look into your account, I do see you’ve already been sent your Transferwise referral and that your switch was successful, could you double check your emails for us?

Also, I see you’re with us as a smart pay as you go member, are you having issues topping up still?

If so, please don’t hesitate to call us on 03003030635 and you can request for someone to give you a callback.

Hi @richardrr,

Firstly I just wanted to say welcome to Bulb Community :slightly_smiling_face:

I just took a look into your billing and I see that my colleague or our billing team have amended your bill, it is just being double-checked before we send it out.

Your account is no longer in the red as of today. I can assure you that the previous balance was incorrect, you will not be debited £4k (not that we would do that anyways due to our safety feature prevent high debit amounts).

I see you have an open complaint with my colleague, the complaint is there for you to voice any frustration you have with Bulb or to discuss compensation.

I’ve had an email to say I’ll get my sign up money of £50 but have not received a penny

I’ve had an email but received no money on my account

Only money showing on my account is the money I’ve put on and if I had the £50 applied like you claim I wouldn’t of woke up to no gas and else on the Monday so you claiming I’ve spent £50 on gas and electric in a weekend I’m def going back to my old provider if that’s the case

I have added my pictures of what’s been applied to my account none from bulb