I'm moving, but bulb won't take over supply until 4 days after I move?!

I’ve just used the online system to tell Bulb I’m moving. So they’re ending my supply at my current address. I then when through the process of signing up for the new address, but they say they won’t take over the existing supply at the new property until 4 days after I move in. I’m a bit confused. What happens in the interim 4 days?

Energy suppliers do not supply people, they supply properties.

So for the interim 4 days you new property will still be supplied by whoever supplies it now. Make sure on the day you move in you take meter readings and give them, along with your contact details, to the existing supplier.

Likewise, Bulb are not technically ending the supply at your current address. They will continue to supply the property. The difference is that you will no longer be the account holder or liable for any usage.

For a smooth house move it’s best to just take over the existing property supply, and only then start a switch to your supplier of choice. But you’ve already started the switch now so it’s too late for that. You’ll end up having to create an account with the existing supply for just 4 days.

Understood. Actually I bailed on the Bulb supply for new address when I saw the switching date, so no need for me to go ahead with that now. Thank you for explaining this. Fortunately I move very infrequently!

Glad to be of help. Don’t forget to ask the previous occupier who the utility supplies are with, or you wont know who to phone on the day you move in.

Previous suppliesr can be found from this link: https://www.uswitch.com/gas-electricity/guides/who-is-my-energy-supplier/

That’s a clever link Allanr, thank you. Found out the gas supplier straight away and a number to call to find electricity supplier at new place. Although it now occurs to me that this info may be listed in the property selling information completed by the seller, so I will dig this out and look there too!