I'm moving into a house with a PAYG meter. How can I switch to a Bulb smart meter?

Do I ask the current energy suppliers to install a smart meter, then switch, or can Bulb come and install their own?

Hi @s3bastian ,

Bulb is just starting to roll out their own SMETS2 smart meters - but it could be early next year before the ‘mass rollout’ starts (see http://community.bulb.co.uk/discussion/6703/bulb-and-smart-meters for details). So if you want one ‘now’, I’d suggest asking your current supplier to change the meter and then switch to Bulb. However, if the current supplier installs a SMETS1 meter (which they probably will), it’ll become ‘dumb’ on the switch anyway (as they are ‘locked’ to the installing supplier): Bulb hopes to be able to read the majority of SMETS1 meters in time, but no ETA yet.

So, the question will be, why do you want to switch meters. If it’s just to get off PAYG on to credit, then the above will probably be the best solution (otherwise for a ‘dumb PAYG to dumb credit meter’ switch with Bulb is £120 - https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/360016323991-Can-I-exchange-my-prepayment-meter- ), but if it’s for the ‘no need for meter readings/in home display’, then it’s probably worth just switching to Bulb and waiting for SMETS2.

[SMETS1 meters = currently being installed by the ‘big six’ energy suppliers and the ‘smartness’ is locked to that supplier. Switching to any other supplier makes the meter dumb/no automatic readings/no in-home display. SMETS2 meters = currently starting to roll out due to delays by the government appointed company, but they will work with any supplier and switching supplier means they will continue to work]