I'm no longer staying at the house

Hye, I want to ask few questions… My payment will be on 5th every month and using direct debit (my card). However, I’m going to move out from my house starting from 1st June 2017. But there are still several people who live at that house so I don’t think terminate the energy is the best idea… But if I don’t terminate the energy(bulb) , my money will be deducted even tho I’m no longer live in that house. So what should I do?

Hi @nurhalisanajia , firstly good luck with the move and hope it’s as stress-free as possible. To make it as easy as possible for you from our end, I’d recommend you give us some meter reads on 1st June and we’ll close your account with us. This will then generate a final bill you can sort out with your housemates. Don’t worry, closing your account with us doesn’t mean we’ll cut off energy to the house!

One of your housemates can then open a brand new clean account with us. This way we don’t have debt and credit flying around confusing everyone.