Im still waiting for my email from transferwise

Im still waiting for a email from transferwise about my £50 switch award i topped up on 5th and i was meant to get email 3days after 1st top up why havent i received this email

dont hold your breath waiting for payment

Its rediculous they are conning people into switching

They lied in email about 3 days after 1st top up and customer service just told me this

Hi Everyone,

Your referral credit is coming. Normally, it’s issued within 48 hours of your 1st electricity top up, however, a small backlog has built up during the Christmas period which is causing a few delays.

If it’s been more than 5 days since your top up and you still haven’t received your credit, please could you get in touch with us so that we can investigate? On rare occasions that we don’t receive confirmation of your first top up, we need to call our prepay partners to double check then issue manually.

This is why we sometimes give the advice of topping up 2-3 times to get your referral credit, as it ensures that we receive confirmation that you’ve made at least one top up.

i was promised on friday that a transferwise email was being sent out that day 4.06pm on the following monday im still waiting for payment as i said dont hold your breath

@william I dont beleive you as i topped up on 5th its now 13th and still no email when i switched inreceived a email saying 3working days after 1st top up and yet im still awaiting email if you cant guarantee it to be around 3 working days later then dont say 3 working days as its misleading!!

Hi @William_at_Bulb

I’m on the other side of the scale, I referred a few people which completed last Wednesday, all direct debit customers so should have been paid within 2 working days ie Friday, I’m also still awaiting payment.

Strangely I had 3 direct debit customers complete their switches on Monday 6th and they were all paid that same day.