Imaginary debt. Poor service

This is less a request for assistance and more a complaint. I am being chased by a debt collection agency thanks to Bulb and I am not pleased. Despite having provided Bulb with final meter readings for my old address when I moved out and closing the account on THAT day. I am now being told I owe £65 and that I moved out 2 months later than I did. This despite me having opened a new Bulb account at my new address when I moved. Bulb has its own record of what happened and is still trying to cadge 65 pound out of me which is not my debt. TERRIBLE SERVICE. I have supplied the debt collectors with the details of the property owner, pictures of the meter reading from the day I moved out and I am still getting letters about this debt.

Frankly, Bulb, this is a terrible manner of customer service. Even my online account shows that you have this information already. And now you are affecting my credit rating when I am in fact up to date on all my Bulb billls.

Disappointing service. Clearly time to seek a new provider.

Hi @erin.sanna, thanks for using Community!

I have taken a look at your accounts, and sent you an email to ensure we get to the bottom of what the issues are. We only want to be charging you for the time you were responsible for the property. Pop me an email back and we can make sure we get this sorted.