Import meter is recording both import and export generation - not just imported power

We have a PV system with a SOFAR battery storage unit (4.8 kwh)
The SOFAR system has a CT connection on the incoming power cable before the consumer unit so it can record both imported and exported power.
Having checked the import meter readings on the main meter it corresponds almost exactly with the cumulative total of exported power and imported power - this means that the import meter is recording exported power and imported power combined.
The meter is a Landis+GYR Type 5235A which I believe is faulty. It shows the RED symbol when it is supposedly recognising exported power.
I understand that meters may not be configured to just recognise imported power and so may need a software upgrade or require replacing.
Please could you advise if the meter can be changed to one that is suitable for PV generation as this one is effectively charging me for exported power to the grid.

Hi @new_wave_rider thanks for your message. When you say the meter readings correspond exactly, do you mean the consumption shown on the main meter between a set period of time, is almost exactly the same as the total of the exported power and imported power? Or is it just that the overall reading is the same?

The meter displaying RED is normal when it detects reverse energy. The meter reading on the main meter should just stay the same when energy is being exported. If you can tell when energy is being exported, can you check the main meter at this point to see whether the reading is advancing?