Impossible to contact. Thinking of leaving!

I switched to Bulb around October in hopes to support “green energy” usage.
I have been trying to get a smart meter installed since its hard for me to go out and top up my prepayment card/key due to health conditions in the midst of this awful pandemic but it has been impossible to contact Bulb. Tried the online chat feature every day for a month now but it keeps on saying “no operator available”. Emailed them and no reply.

What is going on with Bulb? I feel disheartened and customer service is rubbish. Thinking of switching again. Any suggestions for a better energy supplier?

Thanks for reading.

Hey @aliashahril,

Welcome to Community! I’m glad to hear that green energy is important to you, but I’m really sorry if you’ve been let down by our service. I’m going to pop you an email back now with some more details on getting a smart meter so look out for that.

All the best,

Hi, phone their emergency line there is certain criteria you have to meet before you get through, also register with them as a vulnerable person.

Can you send this info on smart meters to me thanks

Hi Georgie, could you please reply/follow-up on my email, please?

Don’t bother waiting on a reply, they don’t. Apparently they can only reply to emails between 5 and 6pm on weekdays, in the meantime I am having a mental breakdown because I have being trying to contact them for nearly 2 months. I am autistic and have depression and severe anxiety and they are just causing me to not be able to function, I cannot cope. I am begging them for help and they point blank won’t help me. My bill has doubled from one month to the next, with no extra usage. They offer no help, no solutions. They don’t see anything wrong with my usage apparently even though its apparently doubled, but I have done nothing differently. I live in a one bed flat. I am moving to octopus energy, their rates are a third of the price. Bulk overcharge you and then they won’t contact you. I have contacted the ombudsmen and they will be dealing with the situation. In the meantime I don’t honestly see how I will be paying a bill that is double what it should be. I am an a very vulnerable mental state and I worry that the next person won’t be able to deal with this, please don’t join bulb, its not worth the upset and stress. I came from npower so that says alot. Go anywhere but not bulb. I hate bulb, they have caused me nothing but grief and misery. And they don’t even care.


Try Octopus energy for the love of god

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I would start the switch to another supplier if I was you. I don’t have the conditions you have, and even I’ve found bulbs support to be a total drain on my mood.

I think another supplier would be the better choice for you, even if it is a little more expensive than bulb.

Thanks, I am switching to octopus. But I still “owe” bulb 80 quid, and then I’m dreading my final bill. What do I do if they don’t sort it out? I don’t want to pay double for the sake of it, although it sometimes crosses my mind just to be rid of them. I just want them to sort it out and be able to move on with my life. Honestly I have emailed and live chatted so many times. I even emailed the complaints department twice which is laughable cos there’s been no reply. Even the ombudsman says there should be a resolution to an original query or complaint within 8 weeks. It has almost been 8 weeks for me. Octopus is cheaper which I am relieved about, but I did even consider paying more elsewhere just to be rid of them. I just want to tell everyone that bulb is not the way to go, everyone I meet in life will know never to go with bulb. I don’t know how the staff feel, but I would be ashamed to work for this company, either that or they are completely ruthless and apathetic. I worry so much for the next person, that person who maybe worse off mentally than me, I’m desperate at this stage, what will they be like? And all this over energy, its almost ridiculous. I am sorry it drains your mood, I don’t think you will have any better luck with them, they appear to have a rep for overcharging people. I think you should probably switch also if you can.

Hi, thank you so much for sharing your experience. It’s true, dealing with Bulb has been detrimental to my mental health during this pandemic, let alone my physical health (asthma). Im diagnosed with depression and severe anxiety, and of all the things I have to deal with, I can’t believe an energy supplier is one of them!! I’ve only finally gotten a booking to install a smart meter after I complained at Bulb’s Facebook comments section. We’ll see how that goes. And im thinking of switching to octopus energy too, but I just want to get a smart meter installed first and see. Ugh.

Thank you. I am sorry that you are having a similar experience with your mental health relating to this lack of support experience with bulb. Its terrible to think that, as you say, all things pandemic and such, that one of the worst things to deal with is an energy supplier. Its good you can contact them on Facebook, I don’t have social media unfortunately, and being autistic brings social anxiety and I cannot bring myself to ring them, however I don’t believe they would help any further over the phone. I think they just want to steal our money and hope we give up fighting them. So far I am having good experience switching with octopus, they answered an email to me the day after I sent one, and they listen and answer queries, I am hopeful. I think you would be better off switching also, but as long as you get your smart meter that’s a start and you will know that you can switch in future. I’m just genuinely shocked at their lack of service. As soon as I started my switch they bombarded me with text, emails and calls asking me not to switch but they can’t reply to any of my double digits of emails. And don’t even bother with live chat cos they say someone will email you by the end of the day but they never do. I’m so pleasantly surprised by the support I have had on here from other customers, but I feel like bulb are mocking me with the notifications thanking me for spending time on the community and such.

Switch to anyone but bulb, I am switching to octopus. Take care

Don’t bother registering as a vulnerable person, I did and nothing is different x

Hi @Leoniewag, I can see that you’ve got a thread open with my colleague currently, so they’re going to get back to your email from Monday as quickly as possible, apologies for the delay there.

From Monday? Whats happening today, thurs, fri? I have had this thread open for weeks. I have had my complaint open for months. But no one will help me.