Improve saved cards

So I’ve got it set up so that different people in my household have got their debit cards saved on the app for topping up energy. The issue is that when a card is saved, it doesn’t give you the option to name the card, but more importantly, absolutely no prompt for confirming the card being used when topping up.

There have been several incidents where someone in the household has accidentally topped up from the wrong card causing someone else’s account to get debited. Why? Because it’s literally one tap to top up, no confirmation. Nothing.

Perhaps getting the user to type in the CVV code every time to absolutely confirm it is the correct card could be a good thing to implement? If not, definitely some form of confirmation screen before invoking the top up is needed as well as a customisable friendly name for debit cards too

Hi @monica9214 :wave:

Thanks for your feedback. I can understand how choosing the correct card can be confusing when listed as they are currently. I’ll pass this on to our team. We always want to find ways to improve, so feel free to share any other thoughts.

Cara :bulb: