Improvements to usage graph

Why is it taking so long for various improvements to the usage graph, that I’ve seen suggested in multiple threads, to be implemented?They’re not difficult to do if there’sa will to do them…

  1. The option to see kWh or £ since inflation and price rises make it nigh-on impossible to compare £ amounts across the year
  2. The ability to see, overlaid or by alternating, the actual amount used and the estimated amount used, to see whether improvements in home efficiency are making a difference
  3. The ability to see more than a 12-month spread, especially for customers who’ve been with Bulb for years. This would also allow customers to see whether energy efficiency measures in their homes are making a difference.
    Of course, all three of these ( 1 and 3 particularly) might present problems for Bulb themselves, since they would allow customers to make valid judgments about Bulb’s price increases and about whether they’re getting value for money - LOL!
    Any reason why none of these have been implemented, despite their relative ease and the fact that customers have been asking for them for years now?

I’ve been with Bulb for about two and a half years and until I got my second-generation smart meter fitted in February, I used to send in a meter reading every month. As a result I also set up a spreadsheet model to track my energy usage. What I found was that to identify improvements in home efficiency, particularly in my use of gas heating/hot water, I had also to factor in the outside temperature. There are web sites where you can find data on degree-days (the temperature above or below a defined temperature averaged over a 24 hour period) at locations near to you and I found that even over a month there is a fair amount of scatter in the gas use/degree-day plot. Over a year, it does look fairly clear, but as I only have two data points so far, this is a provisional conclusion.

If you have monthly bills from Bulb, as I do in the form of pdf attachments to an email, they should show usage in kWh, although if you have only been giving them readings every quarter, those will be the only actual readings as opposed to estimated readings. I agree with you that the graphs should have an option to display usage in kWh (or cu m for gas) as well as price.

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Hi marksnet,

I’m Romain, a software engineer at Bulb. I work in the Smart Data pod, a new team created to dedicate more time into developing better ways for our members to visualise their usage data.

We just added usage graphs to our mobile app for our members with SMETS2 Smart meters and we will continue working on bringing that feature to a larger group of members. Improving the usage graph experience on the Bulb website is also in our roadmap.
We’re currently actively working on allowing our members to move back in time and display usage data since they joined Bulb, and for our members with smart meters, we’re working on allowing switching between scales (e.g. weekly, monthly, daily).

We love getting input from our members so please keep it coming.