In credit/ and overpaying

Hi, My last bill seems to be higher than I paid N Power??
Also I am £250 in credit and your taking £162 from me tomorow?

I have also been charged £199 for my energy based on updated meter readings. I was given a quote of £48.80 per month. I expected to be in debit because of the cold weather, but not to the tune of £30-40 a month more. It doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Hi @Twothirdsempty , the statements we send you will fluctuate based on your usage shown on the statement but the monthly payments will be the same each month. You can adjust these in your account if you think you’re paying too much.
The £250 will go towards your next statement we send, but we don’t need that much in your account. Therefore, I will refund £150 as the next statement will likely be around £100.
The monthly payment is a payment for next month, so that payment will go through and be in your account to pay for next week’s energy.

@Donovanc The large statement this month was likely due to the first meter reading since you switched. The opening gas read is an estimate so there is a possibility that the opening read was quite low, which would make our statements appear larger than they should do. I would provide meter reads for next few months to get an idea on your actual monthly usage and then you can adjust your monthly payments online if necessary.