In credit but larger monthly dd is suggested?

I’m well in credit at the moment but the website consistently says I should increase my monthly dd payments - why?

Same here, first DD collected today and have been advised to increase DD already! -why? Also no sign of £50 sign up reward?

Lolly- Just a thought, could it be to cover higher usage through winter as we approach that season?..

Could be Rich! I’ll give them a ring :slight_smile:

Just ignore the requests to increase your direct debit payments if you are in credit by over one months normal payment (this is to cover one months advance payment). Chances are they are based on estimated readings or usage and also to cover increased energy use over the winter period… Make sure you submit monthly readings if possibly to get more accurate suggested direct debit payments. If you are substantially in credit just reduce your direct debit to £5 per month until the credit is reduced.

Hi guys, @Rich2707 is quite right it’s looking at your predicted usage over the course of a year, so we don’t want you to end up in debit after a year has gone by. There’s no need to change it if you don’t want to, though, that number’s just a recommendation and we usually say to wait at least 3 months and see how things are going, unless your bills are way way higher than your payments after the first month which is pretty rare. Some people prefer never to increase their payments and make the occasional top up payment to stop themselves falling into debit, if you rather then that’s absolutely fine too